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Every Parish a Missional Community

equipping and empowering every Catholic to be a missionary disciple



Your parish can be a 'parish on the move'; a place of creativity, community and charity. Through the Eucharist and equipped through the Parish Evangelisation Cells System (PECS) your parish can become the evangelising community God has created it to be.


Formed through community

PECS changes your parish through the meeting of cells with one agenda; to know more of God's love and see this love shared to those we know.

"It is possible for a parish to be a place of Christian discipleship, spiritual nourishment and joy"

“The key is being 'rooted in prayer', being prepared to 'put out into the deep'.”

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Empowered to evangelise

Laity and clergy working together to see Catholics equipped and empowered to become missionary  disciples.

 “Do not be afraid of the new, and do not allow  inevitable difficulties to slow down your pace on the path of evangelisation: when you are a missionary disciple, enthusiasm can never fail!”
(Pope Francis, 18 November 2019)

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