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Every Catholic equipped and empowered to be a missionary disciple

We've all seen it, the people who come to church for a time and then they stop.  Perhaps they came for marriage preparation, then they were back for Baptism. You saw them again for First Holy Communion preparation and for some Confirmation, and then? They stopped. The young people who came when they had to until they became an adult and then? They stopped.

Or perhaps your parish is pretty full on a Sunday, the generations that have been attending their whole lives. They come, they pray, they go and then? Their week is for them. God offers so much more.

And then there is the group, who come and won't stop coming.  They know that there is more that God has for them, and they're waiting to find out what it is.  Waiting to live their life to the fullest, to know God more fully and to live their life as the disciple he has called them to be and they dream of being.

PECS (Parish Evangelisation Cells System) is here for all Catholics as they journey to become a missionary disciple. Whether they are people who could disappear from parish life at any moment, those that are Sunday Catholics and those who desire something more.

How does PECS impact parish life?

The Parish of Holy Innocents, Orpington, have been running PECS since 2014 and have seen many fruits of this ministry in other areas of parish life:

  • Growth in prayer life of cell members

  • Enhancement of the charisms of 'Welcome' and 'Invitation'

  • Existing Parish groups re-energised

  • Mushrooming of new ministries in the parish

  • Spirit of discipleship and joy in outreach activities

  • Development of a spirit of co-responsibility in the parish

  • Working with teams in neighbouring parishes to support new initiatives such as Alpha, Youth Alpha and Life in the Spirit seminars

  • Visiting other parishes to talk about PECS and give personal testimony

Is it time for your parish to see their gifts empowered and evangelisation

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