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Next Steps

Starting the journey for your parish

Is this the time for your parish to change?

Are you ready to start a conversation to see what could happen as you implement PECS in your parish?

Contact us today and begin the journey that could change your parish.

Gather others in your parish

Gather some people from your parish who will be interested and supportive in setting up PECS. Perhaps current or emerging leaders or people engaged in parish life. Start with a couple of people to help you and others will soon join.

If you are not the Parish Priest, speak with him before speaking with us.  PECS sits within parish life and works only with the blessing and full co-operation and support of the Parish Priest.

Grow in understanding of PECS

PECS can change your parish.  But with all things, it can take time and laying the correct foundation will help the needed culture change to impact parish life.

Contact us for an information pack and documents to help you get going.  One of the team will then come and meet you and your team to create a bespoke plan for your parish and answer any questions you may have.

Go! Launch PECS in your parish

We will continue to work with you as you prepare for and launch PECS in your Parish.  This will look different in each Parish and the PECS England team will continue to help you as your groups grow and multiply.

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