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Helpful websites and resources regarding parish evangelisation cells and related topics

There are many excellent websites regarding the new evangelisation, parish cells, formation of missionary disciples and further reading on the topics and ideas discussed on this site.

In this listing we aim to signpost you to a selection of what we think are the most helpful resources. We have grouped similarly themed resources together under loose headings to help you find what you need most easily.


Please let us know if you find these resources helpful or not. Maybe you want to recommend a resource that you have found helpful. Send us a message using our Contact Us form or drop us an email and we will update the resources list.





  • International Council of the Parish System of Evangelization Cells (SCPE) [Organismo Internazionale di Servizio delle Cellule Parrocchiali di Evangelizzazione]








  • The Heart and Spirit of Cell Leadership - Leaders Training Manual

    • by Father Michael Hurley​, Leixlip Parish Cell System of Evangelization

    • Copies are purchasable on request from 

Downloadable PECS information leaflets and promotional materials

The following resources have been produced by and used by Holy Innocents' Parish and can be freely used as templates by others to promote PECS. Please email us if you would like Microsoft Word editable versions of any of these files


General evangelisation and parish renewal

News articles

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